Analytics Talent Upskilling(ATU)

A web based solution for companies who plan to build their own data science team

To build your own Data Science team in your organization,

You may wonder …

  • How many potential data professionals already exists in your team?
  • Which analytics role position fits the best for each one of them?
  • Which courses should they attend to upskill and reach the required skill score?
  • How you can fill the analytics technical gap in you company?
  • How many data professionals should you hire? And what skills should they have?

Analytics Talent Upskilling (ATU)

In doing so, the Data Corner Academy provides a step-by-step solution designed by our academic data science team and validated by some university professors and experts in data science domain

Online Analytics Skills Assessment
P2P Interviews
Assessment Result Analysis
Generating the skill graphs for every single person
Training Planning & Identifying Capstone Projects on Company Data
Conducting Target Analytics Courses