Analytics Academy Webinar

Analytics Academy Webinar

How to Upskill your IT Team and Build your in-house Data Science Team

Date: 2nd June 2020

Time: 16h00 (GMT+1)


To build your own Data Science team in your organization, you may wonder:


  • How many potential data professionals already exists in your team?
  • How can you fill the analytics skill gaps in you company?
  • Which analytics roles fits the best for each member of your team?
  • Which courses should they attend to upskill and get qualified for the new roles in your data science team?




How can you have a structured training plan to upskill and build a data science team in your organization?


In this webinar, Dr Vala will introduce the ATU (Analytics Talent Upskilling) online platform as a solution to help HR managers in this context.

 Tuesday, June 2, 2020     1691