Our Workshop: Adv Analytics & ML

Our Workshop: Adv Analytics & ML

31st July to 1st Aug 2019 - Avdanced Analytics and Machine Learning Workshop - Kuala Lumpure- Malaysia

This workshop is designed for data analytics professionals, and will cover the following topics through the practical sessions:  

  • Essential Elements of Data Analytics
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • How to Identify a Business Problem in an Analytics Project
  • Building Interactive Dashboards in Tableau
  • Building Machine Learning Models
  • Different Regression Models and Their Applications
  • Classification Models
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Deep Learning


The workshop aims to help participants to:

  • Differentiate the concept of Data, Information, and Actionable Insights
  • Understand the Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Get familiar with main pillars of Industry 4.0
  • Review the concepts of Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Know how to practically design a machine learning project
  • Learn how to measure the accuracy of a machine learning algorithm
  • Understand how to develop, test, and validate different regression models
  • Build the classification models
  • Get familiar with Market Basket Analysis and its significance in real case studies
  • Know how to communicate the analytics results using dynamic dashboards


Workshop Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the essential concepts of data analytics and machine learning
  • Describe the elements of Industry 4.0
  • Design and tune a machine learning model and make the predictions
  • Measure the accuracy of a machine learning algorithm
  • Recognize the different algorithms of regression and their usages
  • Build different classification models and validate them
  • Build the market basket analysis models and generate related graphs

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