Data Corner fintech analytic workshop in GFMI

Data Corner fintech analytic workshop in GFMI

Data Corner was invited to lead a Fintech Analytics Workshop in GFMI conference, 5th - 6th December 2018 at Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Fintech managers and decision makers from APAC countries will gather in this conference, to discuss the latest updates of Model Risk and Validation in Credit space. In this workshop, we present the following topics:

• Introduction to Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

• Data vs. Information vs. Actionable Insights

• Data Democratization

• How to successfully start and manage a data analytics project

• Big Data Analytics case studies in Fraud Detection and Auditing

• How Analytics War Rooms can help in Risk Management

• AI based solution in Auditing and Fraud Detection (#MindBridge Demo)

• Process Mining: a cutting-edge big data technology to visualize the business processes and detect the bottlenecks by analysing your organization event logs (#Celonis Demo)

 Thursday, January 24, 2019     2456